How To Talk Like BTS’s Jimin: Indirect Speech And Positive Language

Jimin has such a way with words.

An online community post regarding BTS Jimin‘s way of speaking gained much attention from Netizens. They found that Jimin had a way of using the indirect speech method and positive word choices when he spoke. Here are a few instances in which we can see Jimin in action.

In these three instances, he uses the phrase “could you please” instead of “do it please,” showing a more indirect method for asking something.

“Could you please reach out your hand?”

“Could you please take this out for me?

“Could you please film this once for me?”

During this program, the guest doesn’t take off their glasses because they lack confidence.

Jimin states, “I think your eyes are really pretty. Your pretty eyes are covered because of your glasses.”

Note that he says “We can’t see your pretty eyes” instead of “Could you take off your glasses.” This indirect way of speaking gives more confidence to the guest.

Jimin: “Hyung is crying for me.”

He words his phrase to say “crying for me” instead of “hyung is crying” so that RM doesn’t feel too embarrassed.

Jungkook is crying because he didn’t think he did well on his performance.

Jimin comments, “Everyone! Jungkook is here! Jungkook is sad please cheer him up!”

Notice again that he says “He is sad let’s cheer him up” instead of “Jungkook is crying.” He doesn’t want to embarrass him and changes his word usage so that others can comfort Jungkook.

Jimin: Fans want to see your face!

He chooses to say that fans want to see your face instead of just saying to take off the mask.

Jimin takes care of his friend V by saying that he is only good at acting when he is really shooting for something. He says this instead of saying that he is bad at playing the mafia game.

Jin: V is the mafia.

Jimin: No, look at my eyes. Look at me once.

Jimin: V is not acting. He only acts well when he is actually acting.

In the end, Jimin was right and V was not the mafia.

Jimin states that the hearts they received during their live streams are presents that fans send them to show that they are tuning in. It’s so sweet to see how he can say things in such a loving and caring manner.

Jimin: If this plant has nerves than would it hurt if I touch it?

He ends up touching the plant with his pinky in case the plant gets hurt.

How can we not love our Jimin after this? He truly has a way with words that melts hearts and touches souls.