Tao Spotted Supporting BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Gentle Monster Collab

He even gave a sneak peek of the glamorous packaging.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie‘s collaborations with Gentle Monster are ones that fans are eagerly awaiting, especially the full construction of the massive dollhouse for Jentle Home‘s physical store.

BLACKPINK Jennie’s “Jentle Home” Is Almost Open & Everyone Is In Awe Of The Giant Dollhouse

Although it has yet to be completed, fans have something else to look forward to. The glasses that Jennie personally designed for Gentle Monster will finally be selling soon.

BLINKs aren’t the only ones excited, either. Other celebrities have already managed to get their hands on a pair of the glasses, one, in particular, that’s super familiar to K-Pop fans.

A member of EXO‘s original lineup when they were once twelve members: Huang Zi Tao, or simply Tao. The solo artist couldn’t wait to share some photos of him wearing a piece from the collection.

Holding his phone up and throwing up a V sign, Tao snapped a photo of him wearing a pair of Jennie’s all-black glasses.

Based on the new photos of Jennie modeling her chic collection, he seemed to be wearing the pair “KUKU 01” in solid black. On top of the stylish photos of himself supporting the collaboration, Tao ended up giving everyone a look at what some of the packaging looks like.

In a third photo, he snapped one of how glamorous the promotional package was. It appeared to be a smaller version of the massive Jentle Home dollhouse by sizing it down to one single room. If the style of Jennie’s collection could be boiled down to something so tiny, this would definitely be it.

Not only is Jennie serving looks with fiercely stunning photos of herself wearing the items, but she also has the quality items to back up all the hype. If celebrities like Tao are proud to show off his pair, they’ll be worth the wait.

Who would’ve thought Tao would be one of the celebrities showing off the collaboration? Are you excited for the release of everything Jennie and Gentle Monster have prepared?