T-ARA’s Jiyeon Is The Kindest Person Ever – She Once Even Helped Her Competition

Her true personality shined through!

Back in 2012’s Idol Sports Athletic Competition, former SISTAR‘s Bora was known as the Queen of Sports. She swept every single event and medal available. During a particular short sprint, the was up against many competitors including bandmate Hyolyn, NS Yoonji, and T-ARA‘s Jiyeon.

Left to Right: NS Yoonji, Bora, Jewelry’s Jooyeon, ChiChi’s Azi, Hyolyn, Jiyeon

Jiyeon was lagging far behind and had slowed down to a light jog when she realized she was in last place from the get-go.

However, when Bora tripped and fell face-first into the ground as they neared the finish line, Jiyeon immediately broke into a run as she rushed to Bora’s side. The other competitors soon came to check up on Bora as well.

Many praised her for the way she would run to someone that was hurt, but not just for a competition. Another incident that showed how kind she was, was during filming for Heroes with IU.

Jiyeon noticed that IU was uncomfortable due to her short skirt, and offered her own longer dress to cover IU.

| “Heroes” 

Of course, the two are incredibly close friends now! T-ARA’s Jiyeon is the epitome of a visual with a kind heart! Check out the full clip from the running incident below.

Source: pann