Young Actor Goes Viral for Taking Care of His Taxi Driver Father in the Midst of Coronavirus Outbreak

The story has touched many in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

Actor Oh Hyun Joong is going viral for what he did for his taxi driver father in the midst of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

In an online community, a post titled, “I Got in a Taxi, and Now My Heart Is Warm” has gone viral for how heartwarming the story is.

The post explains how a passenger got into a taxi and found out that the taxi driver’s actor son filled the back seat pocket with masks out of worry for his father.

The post was uploaded by the passenger’s boyfriend, and it was revealed that his girlfriend got into the taxi after losing the mask.

But the taxi driver offered her a mask, and that’s when she discovered a bag full of masks along with a note.


Father, please wear masks at all times. But since your passengers might misunderstand and get scared, leave these in your back seat so they can use it as well!! If you run out, I’ll get you more. I love you.

– Oh Hyun Joong

The reason why the post has gone viral is also that the actor son has acted in the film, Spring, Again and the drama, Doctor John.

The passenger’s boyfriend even shared the direct messages he exchanged with the actor afterward.


Boyfriend: My girlfriend lost her mask. Thank you very much for sharing. I’m always cheering you on, handsome friend.

Boyfriend: I messaged you to thank you, but I’m not sure if I got the right person.

Oh Hyun Joong: Hello. You’ve got the right person! My day has become very meaningful thanks to your messsage. Thank you! Remember to wear your mask and stay healthy!

– Instagram DM

Oh Hyun Joong is currently under Namoo Actors Entertainment and is currently preparing for his next on-screen project.



Source: Insight