Before Her Acting Career, “Taxi Driver” Actress Pyo Ye Jin Once Made History As The Youngest Flight Attendant Ever

She worked for one of South Korea’s biggest airline companies!

Actress Pyo Ye Jin has been receiving a lot of love for her portrayal as Ahn Go Eun in the SBS K-drama, Taxi Driver. As the actress experiences a surge of popularity, her past job as a flight attendant has been making headlines.

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Old photos of the actress dressed in a flight attendant uniform has been garnering heavy attention on different online communities. According to reports, the actress became a flight attendant back in 2011 in the middle of her college career. The actress was born in 1992, which would mean that she was only 19-years-old when she was accepted as a flight attendant. Pyo Ye Jin went on to work for one of South Korea’s largest airlines Korean Air and became the youngest flight attendant to do so.

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The path to becoming a flight attendant in South Korea is famously known for its difficulty. The process of being accepted and hired is notoriously rigorous, as airlines only hire the best of the best. The beauty requirements, as well as age, height, and academic qualifications make it incredibly difficult for hopeful candidates to get hired. Due to this, becoming a flight attendant has become highly coveted, as the public becomes more aware of how competitive the program is. These requirements make it almost impossible for anyone to get hired, let alone at the impressively young age of 19-years-old.

Pyo Ye Jin discussed her past job experience in a previous interview, where she was asked about the flight attendant interview process. When she was asked how she passed the interview, the actress answered,

When they asked me ‘what are your strengths,’ I told them that every time I went on a blind date, I always received an offer to go on a second date. I’m a personable person.

— Pyo Ye Jin in a past interview

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Pyo Ye Jin worked as a flight attendant for Korean Air for a year and 6 months before leaving her position to pursue acting. Just a couple years later, she made her acting debut with a minor role in the 2014 film, Miss Granny.

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Following her 2014 debut, the actress has been cast in numerous hit productions, such as DoctorsFight for My WayWhile You Were Sleeping, VIPHotel Del Luna, and Lovestruck in the City. Most recently, Pyo Ye Jin was cast as one of the main characters for her most recent K-Drama series, Taxi Driver, where she off showed her impressive acting skills.

Source: WikiTree
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