&TEAM’s K Became Friends With TREASURE’s Yoshi Thanks To An NCT Member

He shared it with a curious fan.

Through I-LAND and &Audition -The Howling-, HYBE found the nine members for their Japanese boy group &TEAM who recently debuted.

&TEAM | @andTEAMofficial/Twitter

Proving he’s a social butterfly, has already made idol friends despite it being less than a month since the group debuted.

K | @andTEAM_members/Twitter

When speaking with a fan, K confirmed that he’s friends with TREASURE‘s Yoshi, one of the group’s two Japanese members.

Yoshi | @treasuremembers/Twitter

Rather than the two idols meeting by chance, K revealed that an NCT member introduced them to each other.

NCT | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

K revealed that Shotaro, one of NCT’s two Japanese members, was the person who connected them.

Not only does Shotaro make idols and fans fall for his charms, but he’s also helping the people around him become friends.

Shotaro | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Without Shotaro, K and Yoshi might not have become close.

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