TEEN TOP Reveals Their Updated Weights For The First Time In 7 Years – No More “TEEN TOP Diet” Motivation?

They spawned the “TEEN TOP Diet” back in the day.

TEEN TOP has been around for longer than most realize. With their debut in 2010, they’ve been with us for ten years now. Recently, the boys have come back with a special surprise for fans, “To You. 2020 ver”, showing off their updated choreography. Main vocal Niel has also been actively promoting of late, on various variety and talk shows.

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For the first time in 7 years, the boys took to their official Instagrams to provide an updated version of their weights. Back when they were rookies, due to their young ages, they were known for being slimmer than most. They had debuted with an average age of 16.3 years old, with the youngest member, Changjo being only 15 years old internationally. Their light weights spawned the infamous “TEEN TOP Diet” amongst fans, who used their weights as motivations to diet.

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Back then, their weights were between 52kg (114 lbs) to 63.5kg (140 lbs). With heights ranging from 171cm (5.6 ft) to 179cm (5.9 ft), it puts them at a dangerously low BMI.


Their updated weights after 7 years show and average of 6.68kg (14.7 lbs) weight gain across the members. Currently, the shortest member, Chunji, is the only one to still weigh in the 50s range.

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As the members slowly become more active once again, perhaps it is a sign that the team is gearing up for a comeback soon. TEEN TOP’s last official comeback as a group was over a year ago, in 2019 with “Run Away”. Check out their updated version of “To You” on Music Bank below!

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