Teenage Daughter Catches Mom Using Her Pictures To Seduce Men On Twitter

What’s the truth behind this unbelievable identity theft?

On Anna TV, a YouTube channel by comedian Hur An Na, an anonymous college student reported her own mother for stealing her identity for online dating.

Hur An Na shared the anonymous report with her YouTube viewers through her Anna Bar corner.


The anonymous introduced her mother who started tweeting about a year ago. She said her mom used her picture for the profile.

She noticed her mother would not say anything when other Twitterers complimented the picture saying, “You’re beautiful.”

Hur An Na reacted saying the story is already giving her chills.


The anonymous claimed she realized her mother is pretending to be her on Twitter after 3-4 months.

To tweets like, “How old are you? Shouldn’t you be at school?” her mother would reply, “I’m 21 and I already went to class.”

When she confronted her mother about it, the mother replied, “It’s not like I’m going to meet these guys in person. I’m just having a little fun.”


Soon the anonymous found direct messages that her mother sent and received from these men following the fake Twitter.

The mother shared private information about the daughter like where she lives, where she goes to school, how tall she is, and how much she weighs.

While reading, Hur An Na couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous this is.


The mother in question also uploaded racy posts like, “I want a wet kiss.”

She would leave replies on younger, 30-year-old men’s Twitters, asking “Are you my king?” To that, Hur An Na commented, “This clearly sounds like an older woman pretending to be young.”


The anonymous explained she and her mother had constant fights about this identity theft issue. But the mother promised to “tone it down”, then moved on to text messaging one of the 30-year-old men she met on Twitter.

When the 30-year-old man texted he wants to hear her voice, the mother asked her daughter to record something for him.


The anonymous continued to explain her mother’s inappropriate requests continued. She added her father knew about what’s happening but didn’t say anything to avoid fights.

Hur An Na was shocked the father didn’t take any action to stop his wife.


After reading the anonymous student’s case, Hur An Na first suggested that the mother might be acting out on Twitter because she isn’t receiving much attention from her husband.

“I think your mother isn’t feeling like she’s loved and so she’s lonely. That’s why she’s getting deeper into Twitter.”


Then Hur An Na carefully added, “It might be best that you seek therapy for everyone in your family.”

She explained, “(in Korea) psychiatric therapy is still seen as negative and only for the ‘insane’, but that is not true. You are not crazy, or you don’t have to be, to see a psychiatrist. Family therapy may work best for you.”

Hur An Na ended the video stating, “Some of the hardest advices to give are the family related ones. But I hope your mom and your family recover from this.”


Hur An Na wished the family well. Will her suggestion work? Hope so.

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