Ten And Lucas Explain What Makes SuperM And WayV Feel Similar

Although separate, they share a similar vibe that has them feeling right at home in SuperM.

Since Lucas and Ten are spending more time with SuperM to promote their first full-length album Super One, it would only be natural for the two to miss the one-of-a-kind energy of WayV‘s seven.

It turned out they didn’t have to miss their members too much because the two had a similarity that made them feel right at home.

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During an interview with USA TODAY, Ralphie Aversa asked Ten and Lucas how it felt to work together in so many different groups. Ten took the lead to reveal they weren’t as different as people thought, “When we work with our own team… I think it’s the same feeling in WayV and SuperM.

Although SuperM and WayV each have their own synergy, they felt familiar. He even asked Lucas whether he agreed, “Don’t you think it’s similar?” As soon as Ten had initially made the connection, Lucas shared the sentiment, “Yes.

When it came to how the members of both groups interacted with each other and the energy surrounding them, Lucas and Ten felt just as comfortable in SuperM as they do in WayV.

Ten explained that the only difference was the members, “In WayV, the vibe is very chill and comfortable. Also, in SuperM, it’s very chill and comfortable. I don’t find that much different except the members are different.

Even though Ten and Lucas may be missing their fellow WayV members, they can feel a bit of that same energy from SuperM until they can return—or prepare for NCT 2020.

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Watch Ten and Lucas share how WayV and SuperM have the same welcoming vibe that makes them feel comfortable.

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