Ten Spoiled Version Two Of NCT U’s “Baby Don’t Stop” Months Ago, And No One Had A Clue

The spoiler king isn’t always 100% reliable, so no one took it too seriously until now.

No one in NCT can come close to how much WayV‘s Ten drops spoilers. Whether he does it on purpose or the times he accidentally lets it slip, he’s always feeding fans well concerning information on their upcoming projects.

That’s the case with some recent information he hinted at regarding a possible new version of NCT U‘s 2018 “Baby Don’t Stop”.

As soon as the fan mentioned “Baby Don’t Stop”, Ten had that mischievous smile on his face that hinted he was going to drop some information that was supposed to be kept under wraps.

He reportedly revealed that a version two of the song would be released sometime this year and to be on the lookout for it. Since Ten’s spoilers sometimes need to be taken with a grain of salt, fans were wary of getting their hopes up. It hadn’t been the first time he’d mentioned this particular spoiler, though.

Back at the beginning of February, SuperM stopped in San Jose, California, as part of their We Are The Future tour. During one of their breaks to chat with fans, Ten brought up version two of the track. He asked the audience, “Baby Don’t Stop Version Two. You want to see Baby Don’t Stop Version Two?

As if to cover the slip, Mark chimed in to remind everyone that it didn’t exist, “What’s that supposed to mean?” Ten clutched onto his earpiece and came up with a playful way to disregard what he’d said.

In a way that looked a bit panicked, Ten smiled and brushed it off as something he’d just felt like saying at the time. He laughingly said, “Oh, I don’t know. I just like, said it out loud,” while Mark pointed out how high he’d gotten fans’ hopes, “You got them excited.

The fact that Mark had been the one to chime in at that time ironically lines up with a theory that some NCTzens have about this version two. Since Mark recently pointed out his new hair color wasn’t for an NCT project, it still could be something similar to the concept.

After all, Mark did do a cover for the track along with Jeno. There’s another theory that fits better.

During NCT 2018’s showcase, Ten mentioned that Jaemin and Jeno would be the perfect ones to give it a try. “How about Jaemin and Jeno do the ‘Baby Don’t Stop’ concept? Let’s wait a little longer for Jeno and Jaemin to grow. Why don’t you try this concept later?

Since Jeno and Jaemin are both older now and officially part of NCT U, it would make sense they would be the ones most likely to make a version two of the track. It looks like everyone will just have to wait and see. If Ten’s right, it won’t be too long of a wait.