WayV’s Ten Has The Perfect Concept For NCT Dream’s Jeno And Jaemin

Jeno was on board with it; Jaemin not so much.

NCT‘s many units provide the members with different opportunities to try out concepts they wouldn’t otherwise.

Since NCT Dream has recently become similar to NCT U in that they’ll be able to break apart and come together based on the concept, the one Ten suggested for Jeno and Jaemin now fits them perfectly.

When WayV‘s Kun, Lucas, and Ten joined the rest of the units to form NCT 2018, the latter had an idea. After Jeno finished speaking, Ten asked, “How about Jaemin and Jeno do the ‘Baby Don’t Stop’ concept?” As soon as the question left his mouth, the crowd went wild. The two members weren’t as sure about it.

Jaemin hadn’t seen it coming, leaning his head all the way back in shock. After slowly moving it forward, he breathed a deep sigh, signaling it was far from what he was ready for. Jeno had an entirely different reaction, saying, “I’d love to do it. I’d like that.”

Jeno was all in for the mature concept. When Ten asked if they should approve it, he repeatedly nodded, “Yes,” to the suggestion. He was so into the idea that he held up his thumb to signal his willingness to give it a try.

Since both of them were young at the time, Ten had to rein everybody in. He stated, “Let’s wait a little longer for Jeno and Jaemin to grow. Why don’t you try this concept later?”

With “Baby Don’t Stop” being a mature, sexy concept that Ten and Taeyong even went shirtless for, it certainly would’ve been inappropriate at the time for the dreamies. Since then, they’ve grown quite a bit.

In 2020, both Jaemin and Jeno are now adults and have even treated fans by showing off their abs. On top of NCT Dream’s recent releases being more mature, the “Baby Don’t Stop” concept would be right up their alley.

Because NCT Dream wasn’t initially intended to function like NCT U, anything is now possible for the seven members. See Ten surprise Jaemin and Jeno with the idea, beginning at 23:45.