NCT Dream’s Jeno And Jaemin Go Back On Their Word To Reveal Their Abs At Concert

They had NCTzens fooled in the first half.

NCT Dream‘s Jeno and Jaemin once told fans they wouldn’t reveal their abs until they were forty years old. It turns out they had fans fooled.


On day two of The Dream Show, they bared it all as a special surprise for NCTzens. It started during their performance of “BOOM”. Jeno shook everyone by ripping open his shirt.

He flaunted his toned abs as he flawlessly executed the performance.

After seeing Jeno go all out, Jaemin decided he would treat fans to something special as well. For a moment that was all too brief, he lifted his shirt to reveal toned abs.

In fact, they were nearly a perfect set of chocolate abs. NCTzens were just as quick to capture the moment.

NCT Dream always surprises NCTzens with something new, and this was one surprise they were all too eager for.