Terry Crews Casually Mentions How Much He Freakin’ Loves BTS

Terry Crews talks about how traveling the world opened his mind to K-Pop.

In an interview with the Los Angeles TimesTerry Crews revealed that he has joined BTS‘s growing list of celebrity fans.


During the interview, which focused on Terry Crews’s traveling experiences, journalist Ja-Hae Kim asked him how traveling has shaped the way he views entertainment. “You’re Korean, right?” Terry Crews asked the journalist. “I love BTS.”


Like many new BTS fans, Terry Crews said that learned of BTS through social media as he frequently saw them trending on Twitter.


The first time he saw BTS perform on television, he thought, “These kids are jamming!”. He loved how well they put on a show and found himself drawn into their powerful, energetic performances.


Terry Crews admitted that, when he was younger, he might not have appreciated a group that didn’t sing English songs, but traveling the world has opened his mind to K-Pop.


“But that’s something that travel has given me — this appreciation for different cultures and things that are not familiar to me.” 


Welcome to the A.R.M.Y, Terry!

Source: Los Angelos Times