Plot Twist: The Case Of The Thai Man Who Woke Up Without A D*ck

Here’s what happened.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

A Thai man became the victim of a horrifying crime he had no recollection of.

In 2018, a man named Suwit went on a Saturday night drinking and karaoke binge with his colleagues. He partied all night and blacked out after a few hours, waking up the morning after in the emergency room with no recollection of what happened to bring him there.

Horrifyingly, he soon found out that his penis had been cut off. Doctors were unfortunately unable to reattach it as it was not delivered to the hospital with him. Besides the mutilation, Suwit also received several blows to the head and face by a blunt object.

Suwit, a mechanic, had just moved from his hometown of Trang to the province of Ratchaburi, central Thailand, to work in a garage. He was unable to give any leads on potential suspects, swearing that he had not fought with anyone since moving there.

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The Ban Pong police department was quickly able to find the perpetrator. Contrary to his story, Suwit was not out drinking in public at the time of the crime but was instead in the house of his boss, Poemsak Phetprasert.

It turned out that he was not a victim after all.

Poemsak came home at 2AM after quickly stepping out to buy beer. He found his wife scrambling away from Suwit, claiming that he attempted to rape her in the short period of time when he was gone. Furious, he hacked off Suwit’s penis with a kitchen knife.

He then asked a friend to drive the victim to the hospital. Police officers shared that they will wait for Suwit to make a full recovery before considering charges against his boss.

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