A Thai Man Married A Cobra That Bore A “Striking Resemblance” To His Ex-Girlfriend

He was madly in love with her.

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

In 2016, a man went viral when it was revealed that he married his pet cobra.

Warranan Sarasalin from Kanchanaburi, west Thailand, told news outlets about a neighbor who lost his beloved girlfriend five years prior. The latter is apparently a local legend who is known for his love for a cobra. Bystanders often spot him taking the snake everywhere he goes, treating it like one would a partner.

He never stays away from the snake.

— Warranan Sarasalin, Reporter

| Daily Mail

They visit the gym together…

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…play board games…

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…and even go on hikes, enjoying the view at the top of the mountain.

Warranan Sarasalin added that the man appears to take care of the snake “very well.” He tries not to judge because “true love is true love.”

As a practitioner of Buddhism, the man believes in the cycle of rebirth and that people can be reincarnated as animals. He stated that the 10-foot long snake “bares a striking resemblance” to his deceased girlfriend.

The man watches television with his pet | Daily Mail

He has allegedly ignored all warnings from his peers about the dangers of living so closely to the cobra.

| Daily Mail
Source: Daily Mail

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