Thai pornstar divorces 72-year-old American millionaire, now looking for new husband

Those interested in dating this woman must submit their bank statements…

33-year-old Nong Nat, a well-known former Thai porn star, has divorced her 72-year-old millionaire husband Harold Nesland and is now looking for a new date.

Source: SWNS


Harold Nesland achieved great success in the construction field and is currently the CEO of Global Design Solutions.


The couple got married back in 2012 but didn’t announce their marriage until 2016.

Source: SWSN


After months of living apart, he finally agreed to go through with a divorce.


She later revealed that she initiated the divorce because of her fear of causing her husband a heart attack during sex.

Source: SWNS


She also mentioned that her marriage felt like a child taking care of an old man.

Source: SWNS


She also wanted to meet someone who fits her lifestyle better.

Source: SWNS


Nong Nat made it clear that she was not a “gold digger” and that she never needed her husband to take care of her financially.


Despite her claim, she announced that she was ready to date again and said those who were interested should submit a list of documents.

Source: SWNS

These documents included a profile and full-body photo, bank statements for the past 5 years, divorce papers if previously married as well as their nationality.


She also released a sexy photo of herself in the shower and announced that she intends to get a boob job to boost her image as she gets back into doing sexy shoots and promotions.

Source: SWNS


Source: Mirror and DailyMail
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