Thai Rapper SOLOIST Accused of Plagiarizing BEAST’s “Fiction”

An independent Thai rapper has been accused of plagiarizing BEAST‘sFiction” in one of his latest and most popular tracks.

Thai rapper, SOLOIST, released a song titled “Just Married” as part of his newest mixtape and it has been drawing a lot of criticism from the K-Pop community. The lyrics of the song are sung/rapped over what fans recognized as the instrumental track to BEAST‘s “Fiction”. Many are up in arms as SOLOIST is aware that the instrumental track for his song is from “Fiction”, yet there has been no remix or rearrangement of the song.

SOLOIST has played the song so far on multiple television appearances and has been earning money from it without, some say, proper copyright documentation.

After getting numerous complaints, the rapper responded saying that he had indeed contacted Cube Entertainment and gotten their permission to use the instrumental.

He even pointed his accusers to the copyright detector in his video description as evidence, but this hasn’t satisfied his critics who believe that the information in that section is automatically populated and that this does not reflect the direct permission of Cube Entertainment. Critics have also pointed out that Cube Entertainment only has the rights to the performance of the song and music video as the copyright for the song belongs to the producer and songwriter, S.Tiger.

SOLOIST continues to insist that there is nothing wrong with his use of the instrumental and has continued promoting the song while fans are fighting to turn Cube Entertainment’s attention toward the matter.

Listen to the songs below:

Source: Bectero