Thai Woman With Four Eyebrows Is Back To Living A Normal Life

She went through a lot😔

A Thai woman was an unfortunate victim of an unskilled tattoo job.

In 2022, 32-year old Nipapron Meeking booked an eyebrow tattoo session with an artist in Rayong, Thailand, based on a friend’s recommendation.

She was left horrified after seeing the results of the procedure. Instead of darkening her natural brows, the tattoo artist drew two new ones on top of them.

I remember planning a trip with my friends and wanting new eyebrows to look pretty, A friend suggested a shop for me. After the procedure, I looked in the mirror and was speechless.

— Nipapron Meeking

She paid ฿1,500 THB (around $41 USD) for it. The tattoo artist promised to fix the issue the next day after she filed a complaint, but ended up ghosting her as soon as she left. Nipapron visited the clinic only to find it closed down and the owners uncontactable.

She hid at home for the entire year afterwards, insecurity eating her up.

Her saving grace came in the form of another tattoo artist, Pattawee Phumkasem, who was willing to help her for free.

He promised to waive the steep fee in the name of charity.

After seeing Nipapron’s condition, I knew I had to help her. It normally costs ฿15,000 THB [about $410 USD] but I’m willing to do it for free.

— Pattawee Phumkasem

At the time of the interview, there were no more traces of Nipapron’s botched eyebrows. It took three months to ensure that the old ink was completely faded before Pattawee attempted the procedure that she originally wanted—properly this time, of course.

Nipapron has since regained her confidence along with her eyebrows.

I had a terrible time living with four eyebrows on my forehead, but luckily I found this new tattoo artist. With this new artist, I can finally live a normal life.

— Nipapron Meeking

Source: Yahoo

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