Here are the best moments at BtoB’s “Time” concert

BtoB recently held their BtoB Time concert, making memorable moments with special performances, surprising visuals, and some famous friends in attendance.

The concert was held on January 22  at the Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul. The show featured some classic BtoB songs – as well as a host of surprises! Here are some of the most memorable moments.

BtoB’s Ilhoon dressed in drag for a stage sketch.

Ilhoon sports a wig and costume for BtoB’s sketch time.
Doesn’t he look incredible?!

As well as showed a little skin for the Melodys. Such a bad boy with those tattoos.

Ilhoon went shirtless for the night, giving fans a glimpse of his tattoos.

Ilhoon went on to perform his self-composed track, “Fancy Shoes” .

Maknae Sungjae borrowed a mask from a fan that is now being called “The Bee Legacy”.

He also thanked the cast of Goblin for showing up to show their support.

Sungjae’s vocals shined as usual during the show.

Hyunsik performed an original self-composed song entitled “Swimming”.

This guitar suited him well on stage.
Hyunsik performed his new song “Swimming”.
He gave an amazing solo stage performance.

Minhyuk performed a solo stage dance that was incredibly sexy. He was so hot, no wonder they had to douse him with water!

The white shirt and black pants combo made this stage even sexier.
Minhyuk danced on a raining stage which showed his abs glistening.


Minhyuk also let his silly side shine – dressing as a woman as well and calling Sungjae “Oppa!”

Eunkwang showed off his rapping talents and handsome features during the show awith a cover of BewhY‘s “Forever”.

Eunkwang really stunned in red on stage.

This photo caught the intensely stunning angles of Eunkwang’s jawline.
He sang his heart out for Melodys.
Cutely peeking over to see fans.

Peniel featured in a sketch with Ilhoon, wearing a bonnet and dressed as a baby.

This was Peniel’s first major performance for Melodys since his brave admission regarding his hair loss.

Sweet Peniel is as silly as ever on stage.

Watch his performance of “Body Roll” from his mixtape!

The night even included a cover of BLACKPINK‘s “Playing With Fire”

The real thrill of the night was Changsub who turned heads and shocked fans with his astounding abs.

Oh, my goodness who knew?
Even his back is muscular.
This was a moment of total shock and awe.

Watch the reveal here.

His upcoming role as Gu Jun Pyo of Boys Over Flowers could not be more anticipated now.

Famous friends and family were also in attendance, including the cast of Goblin, APINK’s Namjoo and  ChorongJang Hyunseung and Ilhoon’s family!

Ilhoon’s family attended the show!
Rookie group Pentagon attended the events and gave support to BtoB!
APINK’s Namjoo posted this photo to her Instagram! #BTOPINK
Jang Hyunseung gave support as well!
One fan even spotted the cast of Goblin attending the event. **Source: Omonatheydidn’t

Overall it was an incredible night for Melody’s everywhere.