The top 5 prettiest female K-pop MVs revealed!

The top 5 prettiest female K-pop music videos has been listed below, much to the fans’ delight!

SPICA does a spectacular job in their music video for “Tonight”. Throughout the video, the members, all wearing flower wreaths, go for a more free spirited feel. In several scenes, SPICA is spotted lounging under the lights in a colorful yet dim setting, which later changes to them playing with colorful smoke and powder. Their happily carefree attitudes is the key to the making of this video!

Next on this list is Lovelyz with their “Candy Jelly Love” music video. Here, the girls are situated in a glowing white school setting, where they, dressed in school uniforms, exude a very innocent look and charm. This adorable video has fans reminiscing back to their schooldays, where they were both young and happy.

Oh My Girl knows how to spend a lovely spring day, as seen in their music video for “Windy Day”. The video, set in a more fairytale-like forest background, has the girls participating in a beautifully set picnic. However, the wind comes by and topples everything over. One of the more interesting points of this video was the wind effects on the girls in various scenes.

This list would not be complete without an IU music video. Initially, in IU’s “Every End of the Day”, she is seen moping on a damp and drizzly day.  Soon after, the mood suddenly changes when she dreams about a better, brighter day! She is in all smiles as she runs through the city, exploring it with her hair flowing behind her.

Finally, the last music video on the list is Jeong Eun Ji‘s “Hopefully Sky”. She continually remains in the presence of a multitude of cherry blossoms, which only help accentuate her beauty (and her gorgeous rose toned hair.) This is a remarkably refreshing music video as she enjoys the sights in the mind of a child (who is seen mimicking her movements within the scenes.) She teaches fans to not lose their childhood innocence, and to look forward to everything with a bright smile.