THE BOYZ’s Juyeon Reveals His True Personality And The Type Of Person He Desires To Be

He has such amazing goals!

Singles Korea recently released an interview with THE BOYZ‘s Juyeon where he shared several personal details fans might not know about him.

Besides the fact that Juyeon is a successful idol, this photoshoot and interview were especially special for fans. This was Juyeon’s first time being solo in front of camera’s in two years. Since Juyeon was away from his fellow members, the interview focused on him and his personality.

Juyeon revealed that while there are several members, he often shares the same opinions as the rest of the group.

If different opinions come up within the group, I tend to adjus to them. If there’s one exception, it would be towards our performances. In that situation, I’m the kind of person who voices my opinion.

— Juyeon

Juyeon continued to share the type of person he wants himself to be in life.

I want to be passionate in every area of life. Recently I’ve been focused on discovering new artists. Listening to their songs gives me some fresh inspiration.

— Juyeon

He then shared his love for various hobbies such as basketball, games, movies, and cooking. He claimed that it’s just too hard to pick one hobby. He believes that the two words to describe him are “diversity” and “freedom.”

I think I’m someone who tries different things without hesitation. When you think of somebody, there’s always one thing that pops up in your mind immediately. I want to be an icon. That’s why I don’t hesitate to experience a wide variety of things.

— Juyeon

Juyeon explained jumping into new things helps him as an idol show off charming points to the fans.

When I was a kid, I used to watch artists showing off their own individual charming characteristics onstage and would think about how cool they were. I want to become that kind of person. All of the things I’m doing right now are important things that not just anyone can experience.

— Juyeon

Based on Juyeon’s own words, it seems highly possible for him to achieve being the person he wants to be. Someone who is passionate in several areas? Sounds like Juyeon!

Juyeon’s full interview and amazing pictorial will come out in the February issue of Singles Korea.