Fans Praise THE BOYZ Sangyeon’s Kind Gesture To A Grandma In Need

What a kind soul.

THE BOYZ Sangyeon’s older sister has shared another cute moment of him online and fans are falling even more in love with him. In a recent post online, she revealed a photo and a video recording of their phone conversation.

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He was supposed to be getting drinks but he took a turn and walked with a grandma who was sitting on the steps and not knowing what was going on, I started to record a video. I waited and called him but he didn’t pick up. I ran out to follow him but I couldn’t find him. I suddenly remembered scary rumors so I called him again and pressed the record button right away but he said something and hung up on me. I called him again… I don’t know how post a phone call recording on Instagram so I am posting it like this…

In the recorded phone call, Sangyeon reveals that he bought a grandma some food while he was on his way to buy drinks.

Sangyeon: Hello

Older sister: Hey, where did you go?

Sangyeon: A grandma said she wanted to eat so I’m paying for her food now.

Older sister: What are you talking about?

Sangyeon: Why why why?

Older sister: For a grandma that you don’t even know?

Sangyeon: Ah she said that she was hungry…

Older sister: So she suddenly grabbed you and said she was hungry?

Sangyeon: Yea she said that she’s sorry but if I could buy her some food.

Older sister: Yeah…

Sangyeon: So there’s a soybean soup place here so I bought her one.

Older sister: Ah really.

Netizens couldn’t help but compliment Sangyeon on his kindness!

  • “I wish he would gain more recognition! He is good at vocals, producing, writing, dancing, acting..Lee Sangyeon let’s just get married!”
  • “His voice is legend status…I love his voice.”
  • “He is truly husband material.”
  • “I would just pass on by if someone asked to buy them food..he’s really sweet.”

Sangyeon’s older sister, born in 1988, is eight years older than him and married. They have a close bond and she has shared many cute moments of him online for fans!

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