THE BOYZ’s Eric Had The Best Response When A Fan Said She Was On A Diet

The best boy ever.

Idols sure can relate when you talk about diets. Many of them have to undergo a strict diet during promotional period. However, it is not recommended for regular people who do not have to achieve such results in a short period of time. THE BOYZ‘s Eric‘s response to a fan who claimed she was on a diet is going viral currently as he is being praised for his ideal response!

During a live stream he was seen eating waffles stuffed with cream. A fan commented, “Oppa I’m on a diet right now.

His immediate response? Throwing down his food!

He slammed the waffle down and apologized saying, “Me too. I’m sorry.” Which idol would go on a diet just to match his fans? Poor waffle though. Fans loved the way he sheepishly wiped off the cream from his mouth after his declaration.

Catch the cute moment below!