K-Pop styled nail art is the new trend in Asia

Fans have been drawing inspiration from various K-pop songs, albums, and concepts to create these awesome nail art designs.

K-Pop fans the world over are known for their creativity, artistic skills, and resourcefulness as they can always be seen coming up with their own creative ways of expressing their love for their favorite idols. From makeup tutorials detailing how to look like your favorite idol to painstakingly drawn portraits of them, fans love to show the world how much their biases mean to them.

Specially designed nail art is the latest trend in the K-Pop fandom and, with these creative designs, it’s not hard to see why.

Check out these incredible K-Pop-inspired nail art designs!

If B.A.P is your passion then these B.A.P mascots, Maktoki, are just the things for you.

These nails, inspired by the theme of B.A.P’s newest album, Rose, looks so cool!!

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This BIGBANG nail art was MADE very well!!

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Can you guess which group inspired this nail art design?

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She actually drew buildings on her nails and cars passing by quickly…

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Need more ways to express your love for GOT7? You’re welcome:

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SEVENTEEN‘s official colors make a gorgeous gradient on these nails.

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All seven BTS members on one hand.

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These nails are the perfect way to show the world you love Red Velvet.

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This isn’t what people usually mean when they talk about shiny nails, but when your nails look this stylish, who cares?

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If you loved “Blood Sweat & Tears” more than any normal person, then these are the nails for you!

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These nails were specifically designed for going to a SHINee concert.

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This EXO nail art design is pretty much literally out of this world.

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Absolutely beautiful.

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