Things Get Hilariously Confusing In GOT7’s “ECLIPSE” Part-Switch Version

GOT7 are the kings of confusion and chaos.

GOT7 recently uploaded a part-switch dance practice for their newest single “ECLIPSE” and in typical GOT7 fashion, things got real hectic real fast.

Instead of picking their new parts beforehand and practicing that way, they picked their new parts out of a box and danced on the spot. Luckily Yugyeom was able to pick his own name.

There’s no way that could go wrong, right…?

Wrong. From the very beginning it was utter and complete chaos.

As expected, Yugyeom was the only one who was able to dance comfortably.

You could practically see the smoke coming from the ears of the rest of the members as they tried to get through the choreography as a different member.

We don’t remember them pushing JB that hard…

GOT7 is having more fun than ever this comeback and it shows; this isn’t the first chaotic dance practice we’ve gotten for “ECLIPSE”. They also released a version including astronaut suits, fake butts, and wonky timing changes. (directed by Jackson, naturally).

Watch the full chaos ensue below: