Third Generation Idol Shocks Fans With His Hot And Super Ripped Physique

His abs are seriously impressive!

For many fans of third-generation K-Pop stans, B.A.P ranks among the best of the best. The group shot to popularity when they first debuted and were the first K-Pop group to achieve many international firsts.

B.A.P before Youngjae’s (second from left) enlistment. | @yjaybaby/Instagram

B.A.P went through several hardships under TS Entertainment, ultimately resulting in a hiatus for the group as they pursued individual endeavors. Member Moon Jongup has been gaining attention as a contestant on the survival show Peak Time, while leader Bang Yongguk recently announced his next world tour.

Moon Jongup | JTBC
| @bangstergram/Instagram

Recently,  Daehyun has gained attention after shocking many with his impressive and muscular physique in a series of photos and videos shared online.

Daehyun is known as the power vocal of the group and has always impressed fans with his youthful and handsome visuals. The star completed his mandatory military service in May 2022 and recently returned to the stage during a special concert in Japan alongside MYNAME‘s NiiiiiA and BLOCK B‘s Taeil.

| OD Company
| @official_jdh/Instagram

It seems like he has spent some of his downtime in the gym, and has no reluctance to share his hard work! First, the idol shared a clip of himself working out his back muscles, showing how defined they are in the process.

Then, as a final blow to fans, he posted a shirtless photo showing off his abs!

Fans have shared how this unexpected photoshoot made them feel online, praising his hard work!