The Third Generation Idol Who Was Stalked By A University Student… When She Was In Middle School

She was put in such a dangerous situation.

When WJSN‘s Bona appeared on an episode of Late Night Horror Stories on MBC, she had a truly terrifying story about the time she was stalked back in middle school.

Bona explained that when she was in middle school — between 13 to 15 years old — she was stalked by a man who was around college student age. One night after school, the man followed her to her apartment and asked for her number. Even though Bona was likely in her school uniform at the time, which would show she was underage, the stalker creepily told Bona that she was “his style.”

Bona in her early teen years

Unsurprisingly, a scared young Bona turned him down and immediately tried to run home. However, the stalker followed her. Even when Bona finally reached her apartment, the man didn’t stop. “When I tried to close the front door behind me,” she revealed, “he put his hand in the door.”

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Naturally, Bona says his actions took her aback — and he still didn’t back off. Instead, the WJSN star shared that the stalker told her he was really thirsty, asking, “Could you give me a glass of water.” Since no one was home at the time, Bona found herself terrified.

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Even so, she managed to find the strength to fend him off. “I used every means of my power to close the door,” she revealed. Then, once she was safely inside, she called her older brother and told him to come home as soon as he could.

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Upon hearing Bona’s story, the Late Night Horror Stories hosts were shocked. Everyone was relieved that nothing wrong happened to her that day, and Ujungs could undoubtedly agree.