This is how BTS replaced Suga during the year-end music shows

While popular male group BTS is surely incomplete with Suga, the group have apparently found an easy fix for temporarily replacing him.

On December 20th, it was reported that Suga had injured himself in his dorm and would be excluded him from any further performances with his group. To make up for Suga’s absence, the remaining members of BTS decided to make sure he wouldn’t miss a single show by carrying around a tiny cutout picture of him with them to each of their performances.

“Thanks for all the love during 2016, in 2017, let’s be even happier.”

“No, you carry it in your bag.”

Meanwhile, Suga seems to be have coped with missing his schedules in an entirely different way. While he made sure to watch the group’s performances on television, he also added his own flare to the show. Suga shared a series of very interesting photos to BTS’s Twitter account causing many of the fans to laugh at his joke.

“I want to stand on the stage (whining)”



While there is no official date to when Suga will be returning with the rest of BTS, their agency Big Hit Entertainment announced that he would “greet 2017.”