This Korean Actress Claims She Is NOT Pretty, And We’ve Never Felt More Like A Potato

She thinks she looks weird!

You may recognize actress Oh Yeon Seo for her role in the drama Hwayugi. Perhaps you’ve seen her starring in the film “Take Off 2.” Wherever you remember Oh Yeon Seo from, the first thing that should come to mind is beautiful actress.


However, Oh Yeon Seo recently sat down for an interview with Sports Khan, and didn’t have many flattering things to say about herself.

“I have never thought of myself as pretty. I actually think that I look unusual.” — Oh Yeon Seo


It wasn’t just her looks. Oh Yeon Seo also feels that she is a boring person!

“I have cold features, so people think that I am reserved, but I am actually pretty monotonous. I like doing nothing, and I am a boring person.” — Oh Yeon Seo


It seems she prefers it this way. Oh Yeon Seo feels that it is more important having charm than being pretty.

“Personally, I think it is better being charming more than being pretty.  I hope I can be considered charming with my unique looks.” — Oh Yeon Seo


You can check out Oh Yeon Seo in her latest film, “Cheese in the Trap,” in theaters on March 14 (KST)!

Source: Sports Khan via Naver
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