These Three Former “K-Pop Star” Contestants Will Reunite On Stage And We Are Pumped

The Lee Trio is back!

It’s been 7 years since season 3 of survival audition series, K-Pop Star and netizens are reminiscing on an iconic trio that competed on the show. Who was in the trio, you may ask? ITZY‘s ChaeryeongIZ*ONE‘s Lee Chaeyeon and upcoming rookie girl group member, PURPLE K!SS‘s Chaein.


While the Lee sisters are known to be biological sisters, PURPLE K!SS’s Chaein, whose real name is Lee Chae Young, was put into a group with the sisters creating a trio. The three girls were all similar in age and they also had extremely similar names as well. They competed on the show when they were just in middle school while showcasing strong potential talent, impressing the judges.


All three girls were eventually eliminated from the show, but not before they all got casted. The Lee sisters were scouted by JYP Entertainment while Lee Chae Young got scouted by YG Entertainment.


The Lee sisters would go on to compete on another survival program, Sixteen where the contestants of the show competed to become a member of the next girl group by JYP. The girl group that eventually emerged from this program would be the nation’s currently beloved girl group, TWICE.

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After their Sixteen eliminations, Chaeryeong remained in JYP while her older sister, Lee Chaeyeon left the label. Chaeryeong continued to train under the company, where she would later became a member of monster rookie girl group, ITZY.

Lee Chaeyeon, who left JYP following her elimination from Sixteen, later joined WM Entertainment. Shortly after, she went on to compete on another audition survival program, Produce 48. This time, Lee Chaeyeon saw success as she would eventually make it as one of the final contestants. That is how she became a member of project girl group, IZ*ONE.

That leaves Lee Chaeyoung or Chaein, who has not yet debuted. It has been revealed that she was training under YG for some time and was actually part of a potential girl group line-up. The girls were dubbed with the nickname, “next 2NE1” exciting netizens. The next thing we heard, however, was that the former K-Pop Star contestant left the company to go to RBW Entertainment.

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With her new label, it has officially been revealed that Chaein would be a member of upcoming girl group PURPLE K!SS, which excited netizens. With her upcoming debut in 2021, this would mean that the former K-Pop Star trio would be able to reunite on stage once again.

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It’s only a matter of time before all three of the gals meet again on stage at a music program and we cannot wait! If you want to walk down memory lane, watch the the Lee trio perform on K-Pop Star down below.

Source: Nate