These Three Members Of VIXX Are Killing It As Musical Actors

Talented kings.

Though VIXX is currently on a hiatus, it certainly doesn’t feel that way! While the group may not be active together, each member is busy doing their own individual activities. In fact, three of the members are performing on musical plays!

N is one of the idols that are currently enlisted that will be acting in a play. He will be acting in the military musical Return: The Musical. Fans are excited to see him perform on stage.

Leo is currently part of the cast for Marie Antoinette. He will playing the role of Count Axel Von Fersen, a soldier who falls in love with Marie Antoinette. He will be taking turns portraying the role with NU’EST’s Hwang Minhyun.

Ken is also busy preparing for the stage. The idol-actor will be acting in Dracula: The Musical, showing off his vampire-like visuals in the play. Many are excited to see how the idol pulls of such a daunting role, as he will be playing the lead character Dracula.