Here’s A Throwback To BTS’s V Doing A Scene From His Favorite Movie And Being A Total Boss

His dialect was so on point too!

In a past 2017 episode of Knowing Bros, BTS‘s V mentioned that his favorite Korean movie is “Wish” and that he was so in love with it that he watched it over 30 times. After fanboying about the movie for a bit, V decided to reenact a popular part from the movie – and fans are in love with this “Busan Badass V” version of the scene!


V shared that his love for movies gave him a special skill of being able to recreate certain scenes from different movies. To prove it, V chose his favorite movie “Wish” and said he could very closely imitate the original actors.


The movie “Wish” was released in 2009 and became wildly loved in Korea for its rather comical depiction of the not-so-average high school life in Busan. The well known Reply 1994 actor Jung Woo was the main lead in the movie.


The scene in question to be reenacted by V involved Jung Woo’s character getting beaten up by another high school’s group of bullies. When Jung Woo shared what had happened to his high school’s group of bullies, the two “gangs” met head on to (sort of) battle it out.


With the help of show host Lee Sang Min, V was able to recreate the scene pretty closely. Viewers fell in love with how adorable V looked – even when he was trying to act rough and tough like the character from the movie.


They also couldn’t get enough of V’s killer side profile, madly deep voice, and catchy dialect, that all together boosted the scene!


V got really into the reenactment and ended up calling Lee Sang Min a spinach head – which made everyone crack up. The show hosts and viewers alike were totally mind blown by V’s version of the scene!


Here’s the original scene:


Here’s the V version: