Here’s A Throwback To When NCT’s Jungwoo Debuted And Made Everyone Extra Nervous

He has come such a long way since then.

Back when NCT‘s Jungwoo was a super newbie idol in the fierce world of K-Pop, he was visibly so nervous – and fans will never forget how adorable he was, how much he has improved over the promotions, and ultimately how amazing he is now.


Jungwoo was first introduced as a part of NCT in January of 2018. It wasn’t until February 22, 2018 though, when he got to promote “Boss” as a part of NCT U, that he had his “debut stage”.


On M Countdown, Jungwoo finally got to show the world all of the talent he has to deserve his spot in the K-Pop scene. While the fans absolutely loved every second of Jungwoo’s debut stage, he was a nervous mess throughout the show. Look how quickly the smile disappears from his face when he had to sing live during the interview…


And during the camera rehearsals, Jungwoo even teared up a little bit out of the frustration that he couldn’t find the cameras quickly enough – while his fellow teammates, who have had a bit more practice and experience on stage, had no trouble easily spotting them.


For the actual performance though, Jungwoo totally dominated the stage – nailing his part with strong vocals and amazing moves. He immediately climbed to the top of the list of K-Pop’s new favorites for a lot of fans!


After a successful debut stage, Jungwoo looked completely overwhelmed by his first performance on national television, ever. He was beaming with so much adrenaline that the viewers could almost hear his heart thumping out of this world!


Since then, Jungwoo has come a long way. He gradually got better at keeping his cool on and off the stage – although he did, and continues to, get quite emotional about his adventure as a K-Pop superstar.

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Now, Jungwoo can let his guard down, loosen up, and get real cheeky! His bright and energetic personality continues to shine – and enchant – his fans all over the world. And he also knows exactly how to slay the camera so he kills the game. Fans can’t stop UWU-ing at how far Jungwoo has come, from a nervous little wreck to this breathtaking K-Pop prince.


Here’s Jungwoo’s legendary debut stage that left NCTzens breathless:

Source: Nate Pann