This Is Basically Just A Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Young Appreciation Post

And what about it?

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany Young is probably one of the most decorated artists of all time, within the K-Pop and Pop industry. She made her debut in 2007, when she was a mere 18 years old. As ‘GG’ is approaching their 14th anniversary in August, we’d like to present everyone with an appreciation post for their sparkling, “brighter than mushrooms” Tiffany Young!

1. Her pure talent

We’ve loved her ever since her solo in 2009, “I’m Alone”. Her husky but pure voice absolutely captivated us and we’ve been a fan ever since.

Tiffany has consistently shown her versatility as an artist, starting from her time in Girls’ Generation, all the way to her solo debut. Although she was known for her eye-smile and cheerful personality, she made sure to show off a more sultry side in her duet with Taeyeon for “Lady Marmalade”. In fact, this was the performance that inspired the debut of TaeTiSeo!

We’d like to point out that the stunning diva also did not one, but two musicals! Her first musical was Fame in 2011, where she played Carmen Diaz. Later on in 2021, she was cast as Roxie Hart in Chicago. Check out her amazing performance of “Roxie” below.

Lastly, we have to say that we’re extremely partial to this one cover she did, right when she first stepped out of SM Entertainment. As much as we love the gorgeous diva that she is, we appreciate stripped-down, acoustic Tiffany so much. Prepare yourselves for n eargasm when you listen to her cover of “Remember Me” from Coco.

2. The reason she left SM Entertainment

Although many fans may have guessed it already, Tiffany left SM Entertainment to step out on her own as a solo artist. We respect this decision dearly, as it allowed her to strip off the “Girls’ Generation” or “SM Entertainment buff”. Although the singer is still a part of Girls’ Generation (GG4EVER!), she needed some time to explore who she was as Tiffany Young, the artist.

On a recent episode of MMTG, Tiffany shared that going back to the States and starting anew allowed her to redo her vocal training and give her experiences that took her back to her roots. She loved performing in tiny theatres during her bus tour around the States, even if it meant showering in rest stops and sleeping on a bus. Check out how she traveled on the tour below!

3. The way she brings Girls’ Generation together

It is an open secret that Tiffany is the brains behind all of Girls’ Generation’s parties. Every year, the girls gather to celebrate the group’s anniversary, as well as Tiffany’s birthday. Prior to the covid situation, Tiffany gathered the girls for an all-black themed party. Sooyoung once shared that Tiffany is always the mastermind behind these gatherings. It is important for every friend group to have someone like Tiffany to make it fun!

| @tiffanyyoungofficial/Instagram

4. The way she’s so incredibly hardworking, despite her success

Girl, we just love how she’s so humble. It is an obvious fact that Tiffany faced huge success in Asia. She’s a top-tier star in South Korea and all around the Asian peninsula. However, Tiffany got right back into the hustle when she chose to debut in America as a solo artist. Even after she returned to South Korea for a supposed “break” in 2020, Tiffany has not actually rested that much. She immediately prepared herself to audition for Chicago the musical, while continuing to appear on multiple variety shows and magazines.

Park Jinyoung of JYP Entertainment once praised Tiffany for her meticulous preparation prior to a recording. She had come armed with a notebook full of jotted-down notations and a well-rested throat. Her reason? “I just want to sing well.

5. How she’s so unapologetically herself

Our favorite quote from Tiffany is probably, “you get a hand sanitizer, and you get a hand sanitizer!” Jokes aside, we admire how she is just so effervescent and optimistic. Her laugh is definitely contagious and she always gives her 100% when meeting people.

One of the quirks we love about her is her love for ribbons.


Calling it “self-love“, Tiffany explains that huge-ass ribbons always give her the encouragement and motivation she needs to have a good day. The world may be tough, but Tiffany’s bejeweled bows are made of steel. (Well, not literally.)



Tiffany is a girl’s girl and we love her for it. We need more women empowerment in the world, people!

She shared that her famous lines in Girls’ Generation songs such as “Gee”, where she goes “And my girls~” refer to not only her members, but every girl out there! In an interview, Tiffany praised other girl groups by revealing that every time she went to music shows, she would be busy admiring all the amazing and beautiful fellow female idols.

7. She’s everyone’s American aunt

She’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom!

Jokes aside, Tiffany absolutely loves her nieces and nephews, also known as the other members’ precious puppies. Check out how Taeyeon imitated Tiffany calling her dog, Zero, with an American accent!

8. 31 years “young”

Tiffany turns 32 this year, but she’s forever “young”. Badumss.

Her never-ending energy and her pure heart are what calls for our admiration and loyalty as a longtime SONE. With the way she constantly challenges herself to do better and how she strives to reach perfection, she’s the perfect role model for us to grow up alongside. Here’s to our forever unnie, Tiffany Young!

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