Tiffany Young Chose The 3 Female Idols She’d Make The Ultimate Girl Group With

If she couldn’t choose Girls’ Generation members, of course.

During an interview with Pop Crush, Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany Young chose the female K-Pop idols she’d be able to create a super girl group with, besides her own members.

Although it was a difficult decision due to so many talented idols, the first one she chose was Red Velvet‘s Seulgi. Tiffany saw her grow up and become the powerhouse Seulgi is today. For that, she’s someone Tiffany can’t pull her eyes away from.

Her performance is just impeccable. I’ve watched her grow up before she got on stage and now that she’s on stage, and how much she’s grown, she’s definitely somebody to watch.

— Tiffany

When it came to her next choice, Tiffany knew exactly who to choose. She selected MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa, who she sees as having tons of charisma, so much that she wants to see even more sides of her.

I think MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is charismatic AF. We’ll need more of her.

— Tiffany

To round out the trio, Tiffany chose everyone’s favorite when it comes to making a K-Pop super girl group: BLACKPINK‘s Lisa. Her ability to put on a killer performance has even captured Tiffany’s heart.

I love Lisa from BLACKPINK, like her performance.

— Tiffany

Looking back on her choices, Tiffany realized she’d kept her eye on these idols because they’re charismatic both on stage and off. They all also have no problem trying out different styles of fashion.

I think I’m choosing all of the girls with amazing stage presence. Those three are definitely ones that I’ve kept my eye on because I love charismatic girls and girls who love to try on different fashions. They’re daring! I love it.

— Tiffany

Putting all of these talented idols into one group and adding Girls’ Generation members as well? They could take over the world. What do you think of Tiffany’s super girl group?