Tiffany Young Had Her First Solo Concert In Korea After 3 Years And She Absolutely Killed It

Congratulations on your concert, Tiffany!

Girls’ Generation member and soloist Tiffany Young held her first solo concert in Korea since 2016. The “OPEN HEARTS EVE” concert was held at the YES24 Live Hall on August 3, 2019. In attendance was fellow Girls’ Generation members, Seohyun and Sooyoung.

Tiffany, who has been active in America as well as Korea, has received much love and attention after the release of her first EP album “Lips on Lips” back in February 2019.

She recently unveiled her newest digital single, “Magnetic Moon”, last Friday. Tiffany helped with the production of the track and showed off her ability as a producer. The song topped the charts in numerous countries, including Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, and he United States.

Many were anticipating Tiffany’s solo concert in Korea, and she didn’t let down. The audience was full, and many people were captivated by her powerful vocals and her undeniable stage presence. A crowd favorite track was “Over My Skin” as well as “Heartbreak Hotel”.

Tiffany spoke about how badly she wanted to see her Korean fans, since it’s been awhile since her last solo concert. She said that though she had wanted to give up before, the fans drove her to continue pushing with her career. Fans were touched with how much she cherishes those who support her and hopes that she has a long and stable career in music.

Tiffany, today’s performance was so cool. I hope to see you again.

– Korean Netizen

Source: Xsports

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