Tiffany Young Shares How Her Iconic Lyrics In Girls’ Generation’s Songs Are All About Women Empowerment

“I felt some sort of pride in them.”

Tiffany Young is a queen supporting queens, and she revealed that she’s always been all about that female empowerment from the start!

Tiffany appeared on MMTG with Jae Jae, and talked about her iconic line in Girls’ Generation‘s songs!

Tiffany was then asked about why her parts always had the word “Girls~” in it!

You put your whole heart when singing the “Girls~” lyrics.

—Jae Jae

Tiffany cutely replied with how that line was not just for her fellow Girls’ Generation members, but also for all the amazing girl groups promoting alongside them!

Because I have my Girls’ Generation members! Also I want to open up the generation for all the girls, not just [for] us.

Back in my Girls’ Generation days, there were many girl groups that were cool, pretty, and talented.


She then talked about the girl groups that were truly stunning to her, such as KARA, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, and After School, and shared how proud she was of them!

When I used to go on music shows, I was busy looking at other girl groups. I felt some sort of pride in them.


Tiffany has nothing but love and support for her fellow strong women!

Watch it all here!

Girls' Generation

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