Tiffany Young Reveals How Girls’ Generation Keeps Their Strong Bond

They’re all focusing on different things, but that doesn’t keep them apart.

Ahead of Tiffany Young‘s solo concert in the Philippines, she sat down for an interview to connect on a deeper level with her fans. They asked a question she hears far too often: “How is your relationship with the girls of Girls’ Generation?”


With a smile, Tiffany pointed out how frequently she’s asked that question and said, “You already know. We’re family.” This time, though, she revealed just how they manage to keep their close bond with each other.

Although every member is focusing on their own activities, Tiffany explained that they’re always keeping in contact with one another. Even if they’re not all in communicating, they make sure they’re in contact with at least one, “If not, to a specific member.”

Since each member has their own experiences and skills, they’re able to help out whoever needs the advice they have regarding certain topics. Knowing that they all can depend on one another keeps them strong and focused on their paths. Tiffany even mentioned seeing one member in particular more than the others recently.

Between her schedules in Korea, the United States, and touring, she’s been able to meet with Sooyoung: “We were crossing a lot more paths.” She’d even met with Hyoyeon as well.

No matter how busy they are or how far apart, they’re always standing by each other’s side: “Everybody’s so busy, and we’re just so happy for one another.”

Watch Tiffany’s reassuring response to the question here.

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