A Famous Korean TikToker Was Once A Member Of Brave Girls

She now has over 5 million followers on TikTok.

If you’re often on the Korean side of TikTok, perhaps you’ve come across Dalha (@dalha_) before. Famous for her POV and lipsynch videos, she soon amassed 5 million followers on the app.


#pov { the rich girl meets the new girl at school}부자들만 다니는 엘리트학교에서 전학생을 만난다.#하챠플레이#하이틴 ( Voice@alyssamckayyy ✨)

♬ new girl – alyssa mckay 🦋

However, fans found out that she was once part of girl group, Brave Girls! With Brave Girls currently on the rise, their former members came into the spotlight as well. Although the group now consists of 4 members, Yuna, Yujeong, Minyoung and Eunji, the group once had 5 other members. With 3 members from the original debut lineup leaving in 2016, the company brought in 5 new members to perform alongside former members Yoojin and Hyeran. The 5 members include the current lineup and member Hayun.

Hayun left Brave Girls mid 2018, with “Rollin'” being her last song with the group. Born in 1994, she hails from Busan. Hayun operated a Twitch stream for gaming and later moved on to TikTok where she found fame. She operates under the name Dalha, which is a shortened form of Running Hayun in Korean.  Check out her fancam for “Rollin'” below.

It’s great that the members of Brave Girls are each successful in their own right! Former member Seo Ah, who was part of the original debut lineup also operates a successful YouTube channel with 539,000 subscribers.