A TikTok Video Trends Online Thanks To BTS Jin’s Worldwide Handsome Visuals

Visuals for days.

Recently, an online community board shared a short TikTok clip that gained attention online due to BTS Jin’s cool and handsome visuals. The clip revealed a girl asking if it was okay to buy something and Jin nodding in response.

This clip of Jin, originally from a live broadcast after their win at the 2021 AMAs, shows Jin with his hair slicked back and showing off his worldwide handsome visuals. 

@aliee06This kimseokjin 😩ig(aliee_grg) #bts #btsarmy #foryou #foryoupage #jin #kimseokjin #viral♬ original sound – Aliee

 Taking a closer look at his visuals, you can see why this video gained so much attention!

| VLIVE/Naver

Netizens couldn’t contain themselves after seeing his visuals either!

  • “He sometimes has those moments where he’s so incredibly sexy that fans go absolutely crazy.”
  • “I go crazy for Jin’s slicked back hair cool sexy guy concept.”
  • “Why does he look sexier in every day life?”
  • “It’s a crime to look that good!”
Source: theqoo