A TikToker’s Hilariously Accurate BTS Impersonations Has ARMYs In Splits

When the fandom knows the artists way too well.

A TikTok user by the username @sa3h33 has gained the attention of ARMYs on Twitter in the last few weeks thanks to her impeccable impersonation of each BTS member.

Sae Hee | @sa3h33/TikTok

The creator, who goes by the name Sae Hee on TikTok, makes videos imitating BTS members in very specific imaginary situations, and it’s hilarious, to say the least.

Apart from the sense of humor, fans are also awed by the accuracy of each impersonation. From their speech to mannerisms to body language, Sae Hee has got the distinct characteristics of each member down to the tee!

So far, she has created around nine different TikToks mimicking BTS in different situations that include-

BTS, when  you make fun of their zodiac signs,

BTS, when you ask them to untangle your earphones,

and BTS, when you are the 8th member of the group, and you went bald,

to name a few.

Hopefully, BTS gets to watch Sae Hee’s content and react to it on camera. For sure, a few members would go flying from their chairs.