The Time Only 32 Fans Came To A BTS Fanmeeting

They’ve come so far!

BTS is one of the undisputed top-selling artists in the world, selling out albums and concert venues no matter where they are in the world.

Needless to say, they are big deals.

They weren’t always this famous, however, and BTS struggled to gain a strong following of fans right after they debuted.

This was exemplified when they held a mini fanmeeting in 2013.

Allegedly only 32 or so fans came to the event, and while unfortunate, this was not too surprising to ARMYs as BTS debuted only two weeks prior to the June 30 event.

The fanmeeting was set in an enclosed portion of a mall after their official schedules. Despite only a couple of fans showing up, the members made an effort to stay positive and entertaining.

Seven years later, their hard work and commitment has certainly paid off as the group dazzled over 25,000 fans in their Busan fanmeeting alone!

They’ve come so far!