BTS’s World Tour Is Now Officially Completely Sold Out

From Seoul to Paris, BTS’s world tour is now sold out!

As of June 28, BTS has officially sold out every single concert date for their Love Yourself world tour!  


BTS World Tour: Love Yourself is BTS’s third worldwide concert tour and will promote their Love Yourself series, including Love Yourself: Her and Love Yourself: Tear. The tour will begin on August 25 in South Korea and will continue through 7 countries around the globe.


The Seoul concert dates were the first listed in the tour and the last to go on sale.


Victors from previous BTS ticket “hunger games” wished fans luck, while remembering their own ticket battles.


Ticket-buying has been an incredibly stressful ordeal for BTS fans. In order to score Love Yourself tour tickets, each ARMY has had to compete against thousands of fellow fans, scalpers, and technological barriers like website glitches, slow internet connections, and excruciating wait times.

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Like the North American and European shows, BTS’s Korean shows both sold out in minutes.

BTS Have Officially Sold Out All 21 Concerts In North America and Europe


After running the ticket gauntlet, ARMYs shared their successes on Twitter.


Others fans were not so lucky, but they still hope to find reasonably priced tickets through resellers.


Resale tickets for the Olympic Stadium shows are currently selling for up to $1000 US, but will likely decrease in price as time goes on.


June 28 was the first ticket presale date for the Seoul shows, open only to the BTS official fan club members. The sales began at 8 PM KST and ended on June 29 at 11:59 AM KST.


Public sales for the Seoul shows will take place on July 2 at 8 PM KST, but it is unclear how many tickets will be available, as both concert dates are currently listed as “sold out”.


The same can be said for the shows’ third sale date, which has yet to be confirmed.


Most Love Yourself tour shows did not offer presale dates. The Seoul shows are an exception, largely due to the fact that the Olympic Stadium’s second floor is currently undergoing renovations. As such, seats for the second floor will not be available for purchase until the July 2 date.


Selling out the Seoul Olympic Stadium is an impressive feat for any K-Pop group, but it holds a special meaning to BTS.

During BTS’s 2015 festa, Suga said that his wish was to see BTS perform at a large venue. He jokingly suggested Seoul Olympic Stadium, then called his wish “outrageous”. Now, BTS will be performing two sold-out shows there.


Fans couldn’t be more proud of BTS and have congratulated the group on their legendary achievement.


Now that all of BTS’s world tour shows have sold out, all fans can do is cross their fingers and hope that more shows will be added!