That Time BTS’s RM Became Invisible To Jungkook Because Of Jimin

Jungkook was there. Jimin was there… Oh, and yes, RM was there too. Right there.

BTS‘s Jungkook is the founder of the RM fan club, but even a die-hard stan like him can’t ignore Jimin‘s charms!

It’s all thanks to “The Jimin Effect”. Urban Dictionary defines it as the ability “to trend effortlessly and snatch locals whenever he does something.” Jimin is forever grabbing the attention of locals, fans, and even his fellow members just by being himself!

There is also, however, the unofficial “Rapmon Effect” that specifically mesmerizes Jungkook. RM’s intelligence, rapping prowess, and incredible leadership skills leave the Golden Maknae in awe…

…and he never passes up an opportunity to tell RM how cool he is.

One time though, Jungkook was so focused on watching Jimin draw that RM became invisible to him.

He ignored RM’s handshake not once…

…but twice!

MC Jin eventually had to step in and tell “Team Jin” to give their leader a high five!

Poor RM. Will his handshake curse ever end?