That Time NCT DREAM Played A Game — And The Losers Ended Up Embarrassing Themselves In Front Of ITZY

They chose the penalty themselves!

The members of NCT DREAM are no strangers to embarrassing moments, from the time Jaemin forgot his own name to the time Mark wore pants that looked like they were ripped in the crotch area (much to the amusement of NCT 127). One time when they were promoting at the same time as ITZY, they decided to play a game to pass the time—and picked the most hilarious penalty.

The shenanigans began, as they often do, with “Haechan’s cam with 37.5% viewer rate,” as Haechan proposed that the members play Rock-Paper-Scissors.


Jisung stated that he didn’t want the penalty to be something that might hurt someone in some way, so naturally the members agreed on a penalty that would only embarrass the losing members. Hilariously, the first member to lose the game turned out to be Haechan, despite the fact that he had suggested everything in the first place.

Haechan refused to carry out his penalty, as it involved going outside the dressing room to speak in a silly voice. And, as it happened, ITZY’s dressing room was next door to the boys’. The other members were extremely amused, and Jaemin even hilariously held the door open for him.

Haechan did his best to hype himself up…

…and the members even gave him something for “confidence.”

Haechan desperately tried to negotiate a way out for himself by offering to have his butt slapped instead. But his members found the alternative unsatisfactory.

They ultimately agreed, however, and carried out Haechan’s sentence outside the dressing room in plain view of everyone.

Then, the member who lost the next round of Rock-Paper-Scissors was Jaemin. But unlike Haechan, Jaemin accepted his fate quietly. He went out of the dressing room…and when he turned around he saw two members of ITZY standing right there!

Somehow Jaemin managed to complete his mission by singing in a silly voice…

…though the other members were so embarrassed that they quickly ran back inside their dressing room as he did so.

Though the ITZY members were blurred out in the video, one has to wonder what their reactions were to NCT DREAM’s antics!

You can watch the full video below.