NCT’s Jaehyun Could Not Stop Laughing At The Questionable Design Of Mark’s Pants

“The comments are asking you to check your pants”

NCT 127 held a live stream event as the final part of their YouTube series, Analog Trip NCT 127: Escape From Magic Island. And naturally, it wouldn’t be NCT 127 without some hilarious shenanigans—or without the members mercilessly teasing Mark.

In this case, Mark became the target of much teasing from Jaehyun and Doyoung after they realized that his pants had a rather unfortunate design…in an even more unfortunate area. While the other members were discussing the events of their trip during summer, Jaehyun was laughing so much that he completely interrupted the others’ conversation.

| NCT 127/YouTube

After checking the comments, Doyoung inspected Mark’s pants…

…while Mark got more and more flustered.

Instead of letting it go, Jaehyun pointed to the hilarious comments that were asking Mark to check his pants.

Mark was doing his best to reassure everyone that it was just the design, but, funnily enough, that did not stop Jaehyun and Doyoung from actually spreading his legs and pointing squarely at ‘the design flaw’ for everyone to see…

…and confirming that Mark’s pants did, in fact, look as if they were ripped in the crotch area.

This is far from the first time Mark gets teased like this by the older members, but it is surprising that it was Jaehyun and not Johnny who did it this time. The situation was also rather unfortunate for Mark because this isn’t the first time he’s struggled with styling issues. But thankfully the members of NCT have a very close, sibling-like relationship, so all their teasing is always in good fun. Mark was clearly embarrassed in that moment…

…but even he can’t deny that this incident was really funny!

You can watch the video below. The link opens up to the relevant time!