12 Moments From NCT 2021 Countdown Live That Show NCT Bickering And Teasing Each Other Like Real Siblings

They’re like one big family.

After some mishaps leading up to the release, NCT‘s Universe comeback album is finally here for fans to enjoy. The 21 members who participated in this album held a live countdown for the album’s release, and there were plenty of golden moments that showcased the members’ great humour and their close friendships with each other.

Here are the moments that fans found particularly hilarious—and touching! They prove that NCT are the biggest family with the most chaotic sibling relationships.


1. Haechan and Jaehyun being a thorn in each other’s sides

2. The members teasing Taeyong over who his best friend is and Taeyong getting flustered (we all know it’s Doyoung!)

3. Jeno and Doyoung’s friendship getting somehow cuter

4. Haechan’s golden facial expressions

5. Xiaojun and Doyoung harmonizing perfectly with each other

6. Renjun and Haechan’s sibling-like bickering

7. Taeil’s hilarious dream about trying to protect little Haechan from being scolded

8. Johnny exposing Doyoung

9. Mark teasing Haechan and getting a classic Haechan reaction

10. Haechan spreading rumours

11. Hendery adorably trying to keep Ten involved

12. Mark and Haechan being concerned for Jisung’s well-being