The Time SHINee Randomly Met Jack Black At Gimpo Airport

They didn’t recognize him at first!

SHINee once met Jack Black at Gimpo Airport!


Back in 2014, SHINee and Jack Black happened to be at Gimpo Airport at the same time. Jack Black was at the airport because he had traveled to Seoul for a concert.

Jack Black | @jackblack/Instagram

Jack Black noticed SHINee, and he approached Jonghyun. In a 2016 live stream, Jack Black revealed that he thought Jonghyun was a rockstar “because he was really good-looking and there were a lot of girls screaming.” 


Jonghyun himself told the story in 2015. In an interview, he recalled a foreigner in sunglasses approaching him and asking, “Are you a rockstar?”

| Section TV/MBC 

At first, Jonghyun didn’t recognize Jack Black because the American star was wearing sunglasses. Although he didn’t recognize him, Jonghyun struck up a friendly conversation and told Jack Black about SHINee.

During the conversation, Jack Black revealed that he was also a rock star, and he told Jonghyun that his name was Jack. Once he knew Jack Black’s first name, Jonghyun was able to recognize him. Jonghyun said all the other members ran over to him and Jack Black once they realized who he was. Take a look at how shocked Minho was!

| @integralminkey/Twitter

Both Jonghyun and Onew tweeted about their random run-in with Jack Black at the airport. Jonghyun told the story of how they met Jack Black in his tweet, and Onew simply tweeted a photo of himself, Jonghyun, Minho, and Jack Black with the number 21 in reference to the game Blackjack, which sounds like Jack Black’s name.

SHINee and Jack Black’s chance meeting resulted in great photos, like this selfie Jonghyun and Jack Black took.

| @realjonghyun90/Twitter

Their chance meeting was super random because Incheon Airport is more widely known and used than Gimpo Airport, which explains why Jonghyun and the other members were so surprised to see Jack Black at the airport. While this is definitely one of the most random celebrity meetings ever, Jack Black and SHINee’s interactions at the airport were super wholesome!