TMI News Reveals IU’s Very Unusual Taste in Food

IU’s into food that most Korean elders like.

The most recent episode of Mnet’s TMI News covered idols with all sorts of strange taste in food, and IU drew the viewers’ attention with her very unique preferences.

In contrast to her youthful appearance, IU shocks many with her surprisingly “old” taste in food.

IU’s favorite side dish is Kimchi, and her other favorite foods include raw fish, tripe, and skate.

In particular, the foods that IU wants to eat every day include raw liver and omasum.

And there’s a reason why IU has such preferences in food.

Due to family circumstances, IU was raised by her grandmother when she was young, and as a result, she acquired a more mature taste for food.

In response to the reveal, fans are leaving comments such as “I thought she’d only eat fancy foods“, “That was unexpected“, and “I want to eat with her“.


Source: Insight