TOP 10 Sexiest Outfit of Girls Day Sojin

As the charismatic leader of the girl group Girl’s Day, Sojin certainly knows how to please her fans. Whether it’s on or off stage, she’s been slaying her fans everywhere with her perfect body shape and good looks. With her pulling off these sexy outfits effortlessly, it’s hard to believe that she’s 30 years old! Here are her top 10 sexiest outfit that drives fanboys crazy:

1. The black pants that show off her long legs

2. This yellow outfit for President’s Day

3. This casual sexy look

4. She seduces her fans with her tight blue outfit

5. Blonde and black suits her well

6. She’s stunning with this see-through and suspenders

7. She’s her own fashion statement in this flower dress

8. Her curves outlined by a simple black outfit

9. Sexy white jacket that bares her midriff

10. Her stunning body waves are even better in the colorful jacket

Bonus: Sojin bares her sexy shoulder